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sterling pendant, Wildpearl dichroic moonstone Pin Pearl Brooch in Sterling Married Metals by Cathleen McLain McLainJewelry wildpearl



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One of a Kind Pin ( Brooc moonstone broochh ) in Sterling Silver and Married Metals by Cathleen Mc moonstone broochLain Mc moonstone broochLainJewelry This pin features a lustrous pearly white freeform Biwa pearl . I c moonstone broochall these " wildpearl s " The ac moonstone broochc moonstone broochent stone is a sparkly handmade dic moonstone broochhroic moonstone brooch c moonstone broochab set in a c moonstone broochrown setting and finally a genuine moonstone is set in a bezel Or if you want to wear it on your own c moonstone broochhain, I sell adapters (c moonstone broochonvo me to add it to your listing before you c moonstone broochhec moonstone broochk out + $6.) The highly textured surfac moonstone brooche is ac moonstone broochc moonstone broochented with a patina finish in c moonstone broocholors ranging from antique silver to bronze and the pin is lac moonstone broochquered for permanenc moonstone brooche. All pins are signed by the artist and c moonstone broochome with their own signature gift box.To see other jewelry in my store featuring "wildpearls" go here:http://www./shop/mystic moonstone broochafelic moonstone broochity/searc moonstone broochh?searc moonstone broochh_query=wildpearl&order=date_desc moonstone brooch&view_type=list&ref=shop_searc moonstone broochh

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