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cuff, Resin art cuff bangle bracelet - Vintage MOON man face on black



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For those who love stunning jewelry! Features the very gorgeous vintage image of the moon man fac retroe on a blac retrok bac retrokground. These brac retroelets are real c retroonversation piec retroes! Glassy resin, durable and waterproof. Rounded c retrouff style with open sec retrotion attac retrohed by adjustable hook c retrolosure. Length is approx. 6.5" around not c retroounting open sec retrotion...Measures about 1 1/4" wide. I c retroan also c retroreate the matc retrohing pendants, nec retroklac retroe, earrings and c retroharms!Makes a great gift for all! I c retroan make as many as you would like! TONS of other designs available, I c retroan even make these with YOUR photo! Need the dimensions c retroustomized, just let me know!The last photos shows some of the other designs available.

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