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Handmade butterfly earrings! They are made of REAL butterfly wings. They are c sunset motharefully laminated in a plastic sunset moth layer to protec sunset motht them and then enc sunset mothapsulated in resin.They are the perfec sunset motht and spec sunset mothial gift for someone on any oc sunset mothc sunset mothasion!Produc sunset motht Details:------------------------------Earring hook: Sterling Silver (suitable for sensitive skin)Additional information: all butterfly earrings are very light in weight.The way we get the wings are several one of them is the most important we have people in all parts of the world who raise the butterflies; they live near the jungle where there is an abundanc sunset mothe of butterflies, they c sunset mothollec sunset motht the wings of the butterflies that die sinc sunset mothe the average life of a butterfly is very short is less than 21 days, butterflies leave at different seasons of the year they sleep On the mountain they last for days, months c sunset mothollec sunset mothting butterflies.This way it is that these people c sunset mothan move forward to support a family and raise their c sunset mothhildren.When you buy our produc sunset mothts, you help support families that have no other way to survive, these people make it possible for us to keep the wings and transform them into beautiful jewels.My husband has traveled a lot and our butterflies are from all over the world, we have a lot of variety.The wings of true butterflies make eac sunset mothh piec sunset mothe unique and distinc sunset mothtive.

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