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Old European Moissanite - ENV Moissanite - Antique Cushion Moissaniteantique cushion, ACC Moissaniteantique cushion, OEC Moissaniteantique cushion, Old European Moissanite



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Are you looking for a one of a kind c oec moissaniteut moissanite stone? The ENV Moissanite\u2122 stones are all hand c oec moissaniteut to your spec oec moissaniteific oec moissaniteations. This line is exc oec moissanitelusively c oec moissanitearried by JYB Jewels featuring antique and spec oec moissaniteialty c oec moissaniteuts. The options are endless with the world of moissanite. ENV Moissanite\u2122 takes about 3-6 weeks from start to finish.Pric oec moissaniteing starts at $200 for a 5mm and goes up based on size/c oec moissanitearat weight. Send us a c oec moissaniteustom request and we will be happy to provide a c oec moissaniteomplimentary quote.Chec oec moissanitek out our Instagram and Fac oec moissaniteebook ac oec moissanitec oec moissaniteounts for videos and more photos :)www.instagram.c oec moissaniteom/jybjewelswww.fac oec moissaniteebook.c oec moissaniteom/jybjewels

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