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sequin chain, BRACELET - Gorgeous Teardrop Silver Druzy and Gold Vermeil Disk Chain Bracelet



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~~ Modern and Chic druzy charm Silver Druzy Teardrop in a Gold Vermeil Setting Ac druzy charmc druzy charmented With Very High Quality 14K Gold Filled Chain ~~~ Brac druzy charmelet Length - Choose your desired length from the drop-down menu (available in 5.5", 6", 6.5", 7", 7.5", and 8").~ Foc druzy charmal Piec druzy charme - The very sparkly stone c druzy charmenterpiec druzy charme is a Silver Druzy with a Gold Vermeil Bezel setting (approx 23x12mm)~ Hardware - 14K Gold Filled c druzy charmlasp and round disk c druzy charmhain, (4mm disks) ** For more pic druzy charmtures, measurements, etc druzy charm. please c druzy charmontac druzy charmt me via this listing.

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