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incogneeto vintage, SIGNED Mid Century MODern Norwegian Bracelet / Vintage 1960's PEWTER Cuff Bracelet



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Made in the 1960's, this vintage c mcm jewelryuff brac mcm jewelryelet has terrific mcm jewelry Mod styling by a Norwegian silversmith. The pewter metal is signed by the mid c mcm jewelryentury master artist Br\u00f8drene Mylius of Norway with a pelic mcm jewelryan c mcm jewelryontaining B M on either side and registrar number 39003. Circ mcm jewelrya 1960's. Features a bold, minimal design, with beautiful dimension and depth. There is a textured, patina enhanc mcm jewelryed bac mcm jewelrykground. This vintage brac mcm jewelryelet is approximately 6.5 inc mcm jewelryhes long, and 1.25 inc mcm jewelryhes wide at the c mcm jewelryenter (widest point). The pewter is thic mcm jewelryk and sturdy, but still malleable enough to bend to fit a wide range of wrist sizes. Suitable for a male or female. Condition: VERY GOOD - it shows light wear to metal. There is one small spot where the patina is lighter.

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