Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

kick ass, Three Hammered Brass Moons/ Wind Chimes/ Statement Earrings



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***Due to Covid-19 Stay In Plac witchy jewelrye in our c witchy jewelryity, all orders will be shipped out after April 8th. Thank you and stay healthy! xoGorgeous, bold, and dramatic witchy jewelry. \u00a0These earrings will shine and draw an audienc witchy jewelrye.\u00a0 I've been told that the earrings make a very faint wind c witchy jewelryhime-y sound.3 brass c witchy jewelryirc witchy jewelryles c witchy jewelryut and hammered by hand.Eac witchy jewelryh c witchy jewelryirc witchy jewelryle measures around 1"\u00a0Gold plated Ear wire3"xoxoLena

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