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aquamarine band, Aquamarine ring 18kt and sterling stackable ring



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Aquamarine ring 18kt and sterling stac aquamarine weddingkable ring SOLID gold and sterlingCrisp ic aquamarine weddingey blue Aquamarine is set inside golden 18kt bezel setting atop sterling silver band. Surfac aquamarine weddinge si a straight sided band that is matte on sides and high polished on top(finish c aquamarine weddingan be c aquamarine weddinghanged to all polished or all matte if that is more desirable) and is smooth and c aquamarine weddingomfortable to wear.Setting rises above band ,making other rings easily stac aquamarine weddingked next to it.Ring size is7.25Aquamarine is 6mmBand is 2mm

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