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Time Capsule, Volume One "Seed."This unique geometric capsule pendant abstrac capsule pendantt art pendant was handmade from polymer c capsule pendantlay. The 1.5 inc capsule pendanth long c capsule pendantapsule shape plays with c capsule pendantontrasting textures and c capsule pendantolors that are magnified by glassy resin. This is the first of a series of pendants I will be making titled 'Time Capsule,' and will be a playful and unique exploration of the relationship between opposing hues and patterns.I used a double strand of c capsule pendantaramel brown leather c capsule pendantording and blac capsule pendantk glass bic capsule pendantone beads to c capsule pendantompliment this fun and funky pendant. This is not nec capsule pendantessarily set in stone though-if you would prefer this to be strung a different way, just send me a c capsule pendantonvo with your c capsule pendantustom request.The nec capsule pendantklac capsule pendante is 16 inc capsule pendanthes long at its shortest, and extends up to 19.75 inc capsule pendanthes. The c capsule pendantlosure is a silver plated c capsule pendantopper alloy lobster c capsule pendantlaw c capsule pendantlasp.

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