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copper, Hammered Torched and Sealed Copper and Brass Pendant



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This Pendant is made of 24 gauge Copper that has been hammered, formed then torc pendanthed, also c pendantalled flame painting, to produc pendante the beautiful range of metallic pendant c pendantolors suc pendanth a s Reds, Blues, Greens, Oranges, Yellows, Etc pendant then embellished with torc pendanthed Brass rounds ... . The total length is approimately 2.75 inc pendanthes and 1.5 inc pendanth wide. It has been finished off with Copper Bail and has been sealed to protec pendantt the c pendantoloring. Pic pendanttures are of the ac pendanttual Pendant you will rec pendanteive.Be sure to c pendanthec pendantk my shop announc pendantement for any disc pendantounts i may be offering!

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