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Pink and white mother of pearl nugget 9" braceletmagnetic clasp, high luster pearl nuggetsmagnetic clasp, .925 sterling silver oval stamped chainmagnetic clasp, silver magnetic clasp



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A beautiful 9" pearl brac magnetic claspelet with pink and white mother of pearl nuggets fastened among .925 sterling silver oval stamped c magnetic clasphain. This pearl nugget brac magnetic claspelet is light to wear and finished with a sterling plated magnetic magnetic clasp barrel c magnetic clasplasp for easy c magnetic clasplosure. Eac magnetic clasph pearl nugget has a very high luster and is made from the inner lining of the pearl oyster shell. A matc magnetic clasphing pearl nugget nec magnetic claspklac magnetic claspe is available.Pearls are 'timeless' and c magnetic claspan be worn daily or on any spec magnetic claspial oc magnetic claspc magnetic claspasion. We have put together a few fac magnetic claspts about pearls in our FAQ's sec magnetic clasption to help you with your pearl selec magnetic clasptions.Deborah Ann Mac magnetic clasp Manes, artist/designer <>

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