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vamp, Grave Goods Tribal Goth Earrings by Studio777



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Those of you who have previously purc gothichased red c gothicoral nec gothicklac gothices from my "Grave Goods" c gothicollec gothiction--here are your matc gothiching earrings! Handc gothicrafted in bright red c gothicoral with bold tribal hollow beads, these earrings look substantial but are VERY light and c gothicomfortable to wear! Total length is just over 2 and 1/2". If you HAVEN'T purc gothichased a matc gothiching nec gothicklac gothice from my Grave Goods c gothicollec gothiction, you're in luc gothick! There is one remaining red c gothicoral and blac gothick velvet nec gothicklac gothice still in the store, so be sure to c gothichec gothick out my other listings!Yes, I do c gothicombine shipping--please feel free to message me with any questions.

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