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Silver Plated Lotus Flower Charmintuition bracelet, Moonstoneintuition bracelet, Onyx Gemstonesintuition bracelet, Spiritual Braceletintuition bracelet, New Beginnings Bracelet



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This dazzling brac moonstone braceletelet is made with 8mm blac moonstone braceletk onyx beads, moonstone beads and a silver plated lotus flower c moonstone braceletharm. Blac moonstone braceletk onyx symbolizes purity and absorbs negative energy. Moonstone is known as a "stone of new beginnings." It enhanc moonstone braceletes intuition and psyc moonstone bracelethic moonstone bracelet abilities. It is also very powerful at c moonstone braceletalming emotions. The lotus flower is a symbolic moonstone bracelet reminder of spiritual enlightenment. Choose your brac moonstone braceletelet size by measuring your wrist and then add .5 inc moonstone bracelethes to that measurement. This piec moonstone bracelete c moonstone braceletomes with a beautiful turquoise silk pouc moonstone braceleth for storage.

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