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unisex, Sterling Silver Ring with Two 8mm Botswana Agate Cabochons



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Sara Jewelry Design. Here is a stylish, modern bypass-design ring. After burnishing, I c taupehose an intriguing pair of well-striped Botswana agates in to c taupeement set in it. The stones feature hues of taupe, brown, pearly grey and white. Onc taupee set, it was then on to final polishing and the result is a c taupelassic taupe ring, perfec taupet for him or her. My MPIN Rn925Sz8 060417-14.1420I will ship this your way the next business day via insured USPS first c taupelass mail with a trac taupeking ID number.Sara Jewelry Design. Your Desire is Our Design.

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