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Baseball Rosary - Silver Plate Baseball Sport Rosary made w/Ceramic beads & Swarovski Crystals -Communionceramic rosary, Confirmationceramic rosary, RCIAceramic rosary, birthday more



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This is a strong rosary and has a wonderful weight to it! This handmade rosary is made with Ceramic ceramic rosary Sport beads and ac ceramic rosaryc ceramic rosaryented with Swarovski Crystals for the Lord's Prayer beads. This is a great rosary for the sports lover ... Perfec ceramic rosaryt for any age!!- Approx. 19" Long - Traditional Five Dec ceramic rosaryade Rosary- Approx. 8mm Ceramic ceramic rosary Sport beads, Great weighted rosary!- Ac ceramic rosaryc ceramic rosaryented with Swarovski Crystals- Silver plate Cruc ceramic rosaryifix & Center (Comes standard with Mary) *- Inc ceramic rosaryludes "How to Pray the Rosary" pamphlet and rosary pouc ceramic rosaryh** NOTE: Bec ceramic rosaryause eac ceramic rosaryh rosary is uniquely handmade, the c ceramic rosaryenters and c ceramic rosaryruc ceramic rosaryifixes may vary. If you would like a spec ceramic rosaryific ceramic rosary c ceramic rosaryenter, please selec ceramic rosaryt from the c ceramic rosaryenter options we offer.GIFT WRAP / OCCASION CARD: If you are giving your rosary as a gift, have us gift wrap it for you! Simply selec ceramic rosaryt the Oc ceramic rosaryc ceramic rosaryasion you are c ceramic rosaryelebrating, and we'll wrap it and inc ceramic rosarylude the c ceramic rosaryard for you to fill out when you rec ceramic rosaryeive it. If you would like to send it direc ceramic rosarytly to your rec ceramic rosaryipient, and would like to send them a message with your gift, enter your message in "Notes" at Chec ceramic rosarykout.WE SHIP FAST - Usually between 24 and 48 hours! HAPPY SHOPPING! We apprec ceramic rosaryiate your business!! Please feel free to c ceramic rosaryontac ceramic rosaryt us with any questions!

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