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White and pink freshwater pearl 9" braceletfreshwater bracelet, hand-knotted AAA 6.5-7mm cultured round pearlsfreshwater bracelet, .925 sterling silver 14mm twisted toggle clasp



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A beautiful 9" freshwater white and pink round pearl brac cultured pink pearlselet finished with Frenc cultured pink pearlsh wire, .925 sterling silver spac cultured pink pearlsers, and a 14mm .925 sterling silver twisted toggle c cultured pink pearlslasp. These c cultured pink pearlsultured freshwater round pearls have the highest grade of AAA and are between 6.5-7mm in size. This pearl brac cultured pink pearlselet is hand-knotted using 100% white silk thread.(Due to the lighting, some pearls may look orange in the pic cultured pink pearlstures, but they are a lustrous pink.)Pearls are 'timeless' and c cultured pink pearlsan be worn daily or on any spec cultured pink pearlsial oc cultured pink pearlsc cultured pink pearlsasion. We have put together a few fac cultured pink pearlsts about pearls in our FAQ's sec cultured pink pearlstion to help you with your pearl selec cultured pink pearlstions.Deborah Ann Mac cultured pink pearls Manes, artist/designer <>

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