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Vintage Blue Bezel Set Crystal and Glass Bead Earringsblue earrings, Bezel Set Crystal Bridal Earringsblue earrings, Cascading Waterfall Bead and Rhinestone Earrings



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This is a beautiful and so feminine pair of vintage 1960's blue c waterfall earringsrystal and art glass dangle bead earrings!Done in a silver tone finish, these fashion c waterfall earringslip on earrings feature c waterfall earringsasc waterfall earringsading dangling c waterfall earringshains of blue opalesc waterfall earringsent art glass beads with a single open bac waterfall earringsk fac waterfall earringseted blue c waterfall earringsrystal, bezel set in a silver filigree frame and suspended below. All of the dangling c waterfall earringshains are affixed to a bac waterfall earringskground of pale blue rhinestones.These beautiful fun earrings will go from day to evening for any oc waterfall earringsc waterfall earringsasion. I just love the way the light c waterfall earringsatc waterfall earringshes all of the c waterfall earringsrystals, giving just the right sparkle to the ear!~ MEASUREMENT: 1-1/2" wide x 2" long~ CONDITION: Exc waterfall earringsellent Item ID: 51CH213*** Be sure to view more jewelry and ac waterfall earringsc waterfall earringsessory items at: www./shop/aplac waterfall earringseofdistinc waterfall earringstion*** Don’t miss my home déc waterfall earringsor shop at: www./shop/c waterfall earringshantec waterfall earringslairinteriors*** View my vintage linen, lac waterfall earringse and millinery items at: www./shop/thelac waterfall earringseemporium

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