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swan pendant, Rose Gold Plated Crystal Swan Pendant Necklace



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Rose Gold Plated Crystal Swan Pendant Nec rose gold necklaceklac rose gold necklacee*Condition: New & handmade by seller*Pendant size: 1/2" *Color: Rose Gold Plated*The wings/feathers are c rose gold necklacerystal and the body area has a pac rose gold necklaceed c rose gold necklacerystal design*Chain length: 18"*Makes a love lovely gift for any oc rose gold necklacec rose gold necklaceasion*Will c rose gold necklaceome pac rose gold necklacekaged in a gold gift boxShipping: Pac rose gold necklacekage will ship via USPS first c rose gold necklacelass with trac rose gold necklaceking. Delivery will be within 2-5 days after shipment.

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