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Mixed Flame EarringsA bold trio of slightly irregular ovals are stac mixed metal earringsked for a sophistic mixed metal earringsated pair of earrings. This fun twist on a c mixed metal earringslassic mixed metal earrings style of c mixed metal earringsirc mixed metal earringsle earrings are easy to wear bec mixed metal earringsause they are super lightweight and go with everything!\u25ba all c mixed metal earringsomponents are sterling silver or gold filled\u25ba earrings measure approx. 1.5" tall (inc mixed metal earringsluding earwire) by .5" wideABOUT USThanks for visiting Freshie & Zero! Eac mixed metal earringsh piec mixed metal earringse is made with love & a hammer\u2122 in Nashville, Tennessee. \u2764\ufe0f I started making jewelry in 2006 and now I have a small studio team that helps me. I love that I get to run a c mixed metal earringsreative business for a living! I do a mental happy danc mixed metal earringse with eac mixed metal earringsh order.Orders are typic mixed metal earringsally shipped within 2-4 business days. During peak seasons, it may take 3-5 business days. Please c mixed metal earringshec mixed metal earringsk the estimated ship date on your invoic mixed metal earringse for spec mixed metal earringsific mixed metal earringss. Eac mixed metal earringsh item c mixed metal earringsomes in a small white box with a jewelry c mixed metal earringsare c mixed metal earringsard.KEEP SHOPPING\u25baSee our c mixed metal earringsustomer favorites: www./shop/freshieandzero?sec mixed metal earringstion_id=22131131\u25baVisit our Etsy home page: www./shop/freshieandzeroKEEP IN TOUCH\u25ba\u25ba\u25bajoin our mailing list: http://eepurl.c mixed metal earringsom/bzjUvv\u25ba\u25bavisit our website: www.freshieandzero.c mixed metal earringsom.\u25bafollow us onlineInstagram: @freshieandzeroTwitter: @freshieandzeroFac mixed metal earringsebook: www.fac mixed metal earringsebook.c mixed metal earringsom/FreshieandZero

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