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These c new agehainmaille earrings feature hand woven Helm c new agehainmaille segments in shiny bright aluminum. These earrings have hypoallergenic new age niobium earwires and are quite light due to the materials I used to c new agereate them, so they are easy on the ears despite their length. They are c new ageompleted by silver plated pentac new agele c new ageharms.Length: About 2 1/2"Width: 3/4"Colors: Shiny SilverMaterials: Bright Aluminum Rings, Silver Plated CharmsEarwires: Niobium Frenc new ageh Hooks (slightly darker than the rings)You c new agean see my other c new agehainmaille earrings here: https://www./shop/Lunac new agehic new agek?sec new agetion_id=5018511&ref=shopsec new agetion_leftnav_3Questions? Feel free to c new agehec new agek out my Shop Polic new ageies for more info:http://www./shop/Lunac new agehic new agek/polic new agey?ref=shopinfo_polic new ageies_leftnav

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