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Royston turquoise 40 carat thick nugget pendantsingle stone pendant, rounded free form bluish-green gemstonessingle stone pendant, handmade .925 SS/14K gold plated tube chains



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Beautiful elegant thic single stone pendantk nugget pendants made from good-sized smooth c single stone pendanthunks of Royston ric single stone pendanth turquoise gemstones. Eac single stone pendanth bluish-green turquoise gem is a rounded free form nugget and pric single stone pendanted by c single stone pendantarat weight. This listing is for a 40 c single stone pendantarat turquoise gemstone. A 14K gold plated ball pin is inserted into the drilled gem and attac single stone pendanthed to a pretty handmade 14K gold plated tubular c single stone pendanthain. A c single stone pendanthain of up to 25" in length is inc single stone pendantluded in the pric single stone pendanting of this gemstone pendant. The thic single stone pendantkness of this nugget is at least 6.35mm or 1/4". These high-grade turquoise gems are gorgeous! We have a separate listing by c single stone pendantarat weight for eac single stone pendanth of the handmade pendants.Please c single stone pendanthoose your c single stone pendanthain length. NOW AVAILABLE in .925 Sterling Silver, as well.Deborah Ann Mac single stone pendant Manes, artist/designer <>

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