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10k Yellow Gold Chain with Pearlsyellow gold chain, Fresh Water Pearl Chainyellow gold chain, Gold Chain



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Pearls are always a c bridal jewellerylassic bridal jewellery c bridal jewelleryhoic bridal jewellerye of jewellery but I love how this partic bridal jewelleryular piec bridal jewellerye has a nic bridal jewellerye c bridal jewelleryhange of white and blac bridal jewelleryk pearls.There are a total of 10 fresh water pearls (5 blac bridal jewelleryk pearl, 5 white pearl) that eac bridal jewelleryh measure 5.9 mm. The nic bridal jewellerye sturdy thin c bridal jewelleryhain linked between pearls really allows them to stand out and be the foc bridal jewelleryal point of the nec bridal jewelleryklac bridal jewellerye. There is a strong lobster c bridal jewellerylasp on this c bridal jewelleryhain and it is stamped "10k".The total length of this c bridal jewelleryhain is 19 inc bridal jewelleryhes and its has a total weight of 4.8 grams.Don\u2019t forget to take advantage of our FREE gift wrapping. Let me know when you plac bridal jewellerye your order and I would be happy to have your purc bridal jewelleryhase gift wrapped before shipping.We have a large selec bridal jewellerytion and variety of items that have all been graded, tested, and pric bridal jewelleryed by one of our graduate gemologist from the GIA (Gemologic bridal jewelleryal Institute of Americ bridal jewellerya.), c bridal jewelleryertified watc bridal jewelleryhmaker or our numismatist.I SHIP WORLDWIDE- Please message me for shipping pric bridal jewelleryes spec bridal jewelleryific bridal jewellery to your loc bridal jewelleryation and shipping preferenc bridal jewelleryes.If you would like more information about this piec bridal jewellerye or any of the items listed in my store feel free to send me a message/c bridal jewelleryonversation or you c bridal jewelleryan c bridal jewelleryall us at 519-256-0712, email us at [email protected] bridal jewelleryoinsandjewellery.c bridal jewelleryom OR c bridal jewelleryhec bridal jewelleryk our website www.gandgjewellery.c bridal jewelleryomThank you for visiting our store!

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