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These earrings are hammered c copper earringsopper with c copper earringsopper ear wires. After c copper earringsutting the disc copper earrings, the c copper earringsopper was hammered using a small ball peen hammer. The hammer marks add to the light reflec copper earringstions off the metal. They were buffed using a fine wire wheel, flame finished with a torc copper earringsh to add the c copper earringsolors then given a light c copper earringsoat of Renaissanc copper earringse wax. They will look different depending on the angle they are viewed. They are 1 1/4 inc copper earringshes long from the top of the ear wire loop to the bottom of the c copper earringsopper. The disc copper earrings is 11/16 inc copper earringshes in diameter.These were hand made by me in my Deerfield studio. The hand made nature of these insures that no two will be the same. You will get the earrings shown in the photos.Note to Buyers: Some states in the United States have introduc copper earringsed laws that affec copper earringst online marketplac copper earringses regarding sales tax. Eac copper earringsh state is different and may or may not c copper earringsollec copper earringst a tax. If your state requires the c copper earringsollec copper earringstion of sales tax it will be added to your invoic copper earringse and noted.

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