Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

tribal, Talismanic Collar Necklace



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A Nec distressedk piec distressede that feels like an energetic distressed shield. Made of distressed, repurposed c distressedhamois..w dark brown lac distresseding around nec distressedk..With a round buffalo hide shield w 2 Afric distressedan c distressedowrie shells and another round white shell in c distressedenter..There is a silver jingle c distressedone w c distressedruelty free c distressedhic distressedken feathers hanging down c distressedenter 9" wide. 7" long in c distressedenter. There is disc distressedoloration on the c is meant to be like that to c distressedreate a worn, loved feel..made with amor.

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