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womens bracelet, Black Beaded Bracelet Mens Stretch Bracelet Stainless Steel Bracelet Gift For Him - Bennett



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A beaded mens or women's brac onyx braceletelet made with blac onyx braceletk onyx beads, stainless steel spac onyx braceleter beads and stretc onyx bracelethy wire. The beads measure 8mm. Silver bead plac onyx braceletement may vary depending on whic onyx braceleth measurement you c onyx bracelethoose. Please read c onyx braceletarefully: Please measure your wrist, there is a measuring guide in the photos. Take your wrist measurement and add .75 for a tight fit, 1" for a loose and 1.25" for a very loose fit. This is your brac onyx braceletelet length, please selec onyx bracelett this size when c onyx bracelethec onyx braceletking out. All DLD Men's jewelry c onyx braceletomes in a kraft paper jewelry box for gift giving. We use the highest quality findings to ensure a piec onyx bracelete that will last for years to c onyx braceletome. DLD jewelry c onyx braceletomes with a lifetime guarantee.

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