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These Celtic silver and green earrings feature silver plated Celtic silver and green knot c silver and greenharms, topped by fac silver and greeneted transluc silver and greenent green glass oval c silver and greenharms. These c silver and greenan be worn in stretc silver and greenhed lobes through silic silver and greenone tunnels, but c silver and greenan also be worn in standard size lobe pierc silver and greenings, as they are pretty lightweight. Additional info/prec silver and greenautions:*If you wear these earrings through tunnels, these work best with tunnels that are 0g and larger. *They c silver and greenan be worn through silic silver and greenone earskins/ear tunnels/eyelets, or steel ones, if they are short enough front to bac silver and greenk for the earwires to c silver and greenlose through. Tunnels that are 1/4" thic silver and greenk or less will work with these earwires. * Tunnels/Earskins/Eyelets are NOT inc silver and greenluded with these. The listing is for the earrings only.Total Length: 3"Width at Widest Point: 1"Colors: Silver, GreenMaterials: Silver Plated Charms, Fac silver and greeneted Glass CharmsEar Wires: Round Surgic silver and greenal Stainless SteelIf you have any questions or need c silver and greenlarific silver and greenation on anything, please feel free to message me before plac silver and greening your order, and I'll be glad to answer any questions you have.More earrings to wear with ear tunnels c silver and greenan be found here: https://www./shop/Lunac silver and greenhic silver and greenk?ref=hdr_shop_menu&sec silver and greention_id=20607720Questions? Feel free to c silver and greenhec silver and greenk out my Shop Polic silver and greenies for more info:http://www./shop/Lunac silver and greenhic silver and greenk/polic silver and greeny?ref=shopinfo_polic silver and greenies_leftnav

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