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Super handmade silver and turquoise heart loc turquoiseket. The turquoise on this loc turquoiseket has green tones and was mined in Nevada.Radiating lines burst from the heart set on this handmade loc turquoiseket. I made a small c turquoiseollec turquoisetion of these individual heart loc turquoisekets and eac turquoiseh one features a gemstone that I c turquoiseut and polished in studio. No two are the same!The loc turquoiseket is made to hold two photos, easily c turquoiseut and slide your photo underneath the rim of the inside. It is approximately 1" in\u00a0 diameter and is sterling silver, antique darkened to enhanc turquoisee the texture. I made a tiny hinged c turquoiselasp to keep it c turquoiselosed with a c turquoiseorresponding three-ball hinge.Choose from a silver c turquoisehain (18" or long 24") or leather c turquoiseord.

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