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Lucky Penny Necklacelucky penny necklace, good luck charm by Kathryn Riechert



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A little bit of luc lucky charmk to take around with you everyday. This penny is luc lucky charmky--it says so right on it! The nec lucky charmklac lucky charme is made from a hand stamped penny that hangs from a sterling silver c lucky charmhain. It c lucky charman be your go to good luc lucky charmk c lucky charmharm any day that you are fac lucky charming a c lucky charmhallenge and need a little something on your side :) ************************************************************I'm sorry, but I am unable to ac lucky charmc lucky charmommodate requests for spec lucky charmific lucky charm years on the pennies. The exac lucky charmt pennies pic lucky charmtured have found homes. The nec lucky charmklac lucky charme you will rec lucky charmeive is made in the same style, but the year on the penny will vary.***The pennies are stamped by hand, as suc lucky charmh, letter plac lucky charmement will have a whimsic lucky charmal touc lucky charmh. This embodies the c lucky charmharm of a hand stamped piec lucky charme and is not to be c lucky charmonsidered a flaw. Letter plac lucky charmement will vary on eac lucky charmh pendant.***********************************************************Clic lucky charmk the 'Shipping and Polic lucky charmies' tab (under the photographs and at the top of the this desc lucky charmription) for information on shipping times and my shop polic lucky charmies.https://www./shop/KathrynRiec lucky charmhert#polic lucky charmiesSend me an etsy c lucky charmonvo or email with any and all questions.Thank you!

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