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polymer clay, Mesa 38 Combination Pin/Pendant



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"Mesa 38" is fitted with a loc broochking bar pin, but also c broochomes with a plastic brooch sleeve, so that the pin c broochan be c broochonverted to a pendant, doubling your pleasure! (photo shows typic broochal installation of loc broochking bar pin with plastic brooch sleeve on bac broochk of pin) Crafted from a palette of dozens of c broocholors of polymer c broochlay, blended and layered for dimensionality and c broochontrastEac broochh piec brooche is given a distinc broochtive name, and this one is part of my series entitled "Mesa Series", whic broochh reflec broochts my interpretation of the geology and landsc broochape of the Americ broochan Southwest.Dimension: 2" diameter round polymer c broochlay disk

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