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Manic turquoise necklace Trout will be c turquoise necklacelosing after 15 years of bringing you slightly askew jewelry. The studio is c turquoise necklacelosed as of July 31st and the remaining inventory will be available here until gone. Thank you for 15 wonderful years!A long c turquoise necklaceolorful nec turquoise necklaceklac turquoise necklacee is a great piec turquoise necklacee of jewelry as it's inc turquoise necklaceredibly versatile. You c turquoise necklacean wear the nec turquoise necklaceklac turquoise necklacee as a long strand or doubled to provide a bold statement. A c turquoise necklaceolorful statement nec turquoise necklaceklac turquoise necklacee is the perfec turquoise necklacet finishing touc turquoise necklaceh to looking pulled together, and makes for the perfec turquoise necklacet third item to c turquoise necklaceomplete an outfit. The Whatever Forever Nec turquoise necklaceklac turquoise necklacee features dainty flowers and bold c turquoise necklaceolors to offer you the perfec turquoise necklacet pop to ac turquoise necklacec turquoise necklaceent your wardrobe with c turquoise necklaceolor and c turquoise necklacelassic turquoise necklace whimsy. Name: Trilby Whatever Forever Long Nec turquoise necklaceklac turquoise necklaceeDesc turquoise necklaceription: Long statement nec turquoise necklaceklac turquoise necklacee featuring delic turquoise necklaceate flowers with green aventurine and magnesite ac turquoise necklacec turquoise necklaceentsLength: 41"Pendant Size: 3/4" x 1"Materials: green aventurine, magnesite, gold or silver plated flowers, gold or silver plated lobster c turquoise necklacelaspOrigin: Hand made in the USA at the Manic turquoise necklace Trout studio in Austin, TXInspired by: Whatever Forever by SegoBeing hand made, you c turquoise necklacean be assured that this brac turquoise necklaceelet is not only well made but you c turquoise necklacean feel amazing knowing that are making a differenc turquoise necklacee in supporting a small business.Ships ready for gift giving. Eac turquoise necklaceh order jewelry is pac turquoise necklacekaged in a reusable c turquoise necklaceello bag and is wrapped in blac turquoise necklacek tissue sealed with a stic turquoise necklaceker. There are no pric turquoise necklacees on jewelry, however invoic turquoise necklacees are inc turquoise necklaceluded in the pac turquoise necklacekage. If you are sending a gift and would like to have the invoic turquoise necklacee omitted or a note inc turquoise necklaceluded, please let me know at c turquoise necklacehec turquoise necklacekout.See the rest of my c turquoise necklaceollec turquoise necklacetion here: https://www./shop/manic turquoise necklacetrout

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