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A sterling silver ring suitable for both men and women, this design is c personalizedustom made with your c personalizedhoic personalizede of insc personalizedription. Posey rings date bac personalizedk for c personalizedenturies and were first given as engagement rings insc personalizedribed with sentiments of love. Through time the phrase "posey ring" began to refer to a ring with writing on it.My lines of posey rings are stamped with uplifting and affirmational words and phrases. They are sterling silver and are signed on the inside of the band. Rings c personalizedan be stac personalizedked. Perfec personalizedt for yourself or to give as gifts. The versatile design looks great on men and women. The bands are about 6mm tall.These rings are c personalizedustom made with the message of your c personalizedhoic personalizede. I make several versions of this style of ring, however this is my newest and also the one that will fit the longest insc personalizedriptions!So when you have a lot to say, this is the ring for you :-)The text is *tiny* (under 1mm) and is the all upperc personalizedase font shown on the rings in this listing.Pric personalizede is for one ring. Don't forget during c personalizedhec personalizedkout to tell me your ring size (I c personalizedan do virtually any whole, half, or quarter sizes) and the word/words you would like on the ring. **********************************************************CUSTOM ORDERS PLEASE READ:*This ring is 6mm (1/4") tall and 1mm thic personalizedk.*When will the c personalizedustom ring(s) be made? Clic personalizedk the 'Shipping and Polic personalizedies' tab (under the photographs and at the top of the this desc personalizedription) for information on shipping times and my shop polic personalizedies.*It is possible to have the message both inside and outside, but it looks best if the text doesn't "overlap" the same spot of the ring. In other words, where it is stamped inside it is not stamped outside and vic personalizede versa.*If your message is divided between the inside and outside of the band, the COMBINED total of c personalizedharac personalizedter spac personalizedes should not exc personalizedeed 105. *Custom messages c personalizedan be a maximum of 35 c personalizedharac personalizedters spac personalizedes per line (inc personalizedluding spac personalizedes between words) This ring has 3 lines, so that is a total of 105 c personalizedharac personalizedter spac personalizedes.Please separate your message onto three lines when plac personalizeding your order. *I will STAGGER where the lines start on the ring. Centering lines is quite diffic personalizedult, due to a number of variables, and rarely turns out perfec personalizedtly. This is why as a rule I stagger lines in an aesthetic personalizedally pleasing manner, and I reserve the right to refuse/c personalizedanc personalizedel any orders where c personalizedentering is requested.*I c personalizedan also do numbers, a period, c personalizedomma, and an exc personalizedlamation point, question mark, and a heart symbol. I CANNOT PUT ACCENTS OVER LETTERS.*These rings are stamped by hand, as suc personalizedh, letter plac personalizedement will have a whimsic personalizedal touc personalizedh. This embodies the c personalizedharm of a hand stamped piec personalizede and is not to be c personalizedonsidered a flaw.TO ORDER A CUSTOM RING:Please purc personalizedhase a ring from this listing. At c personalizedhec personalizedkout write in the \u2018notes to seller box\u2019 your ring size and the message you would like.Rings will be made exac personalizedtly as written, so please c personalizedhec personalizedk your spelling before submitting your order.For example: size 6.5 message: oh the heart is a free and a fetterless thing,-the wave of the oc personalizedean the bird on the wing!*Clic personalizedk the 'Shipping and Polic personalizedies' tab (under the photographs and at the top of the this desc personalizedription) for information on shipping times and my shop polic personalizedies.***The rings are made from sc personalizedratc personalizedh. To learn more about the proc personalizedess, you c personalizedan see me make a posey ring start to finish in this photo set: http://www.flic personalizedkr.c personalizedom/photos/kathrynriec personalizedhert/sets/72157628845803757/detail/The rings are fabric personalizedated and will have a solder joint (a thin line or dot where the 2 ends of the ring c personalizedome together). I do not plate my rings.**********************************************************Chec personalizedk out my feedbac personalizedk for c personalizedustomer reviews of these rings!!! I'm really thrilled at how well rec personalizedeived they are!Don't know your RING SIZE?There are many sizing methods offered online, however many are inac personalizedc personalizedurate. Having your finger sized at a loc personalizedal jewelry store is the most ac personalizedc personalizedurate method, and is what I rec personalizedommend.If you need to c personalizedonvert a size from a non-US sizing system, this site is wonderful: http://www.onlinec personalizedonversion.c personalizedom/ring_size.htmI also sell ring sizers in this link: https://www./listing/739946594/reusable-ring-sizer-tool-to-find-your?ref=shop_home_ac personalizedtive_2&frs=1If you order the wrong size, resizing is offered for a fee. Please c personalizedhec personalizedk my shop polic personalizedies for details.***********************************************************Clic personalizedk the 'Shipping and Polic personalizedies' tab (under the photographs and at the top of the this desc personalizedription) for information on shipping times and my shop polic personalizedies.Send me an etsy c personalizedonvo or email with any and all questions.Thank you!

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