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boho, The Resurrection Collection: "Crystal Wrists" NEW Choker Necklace by Studio777 in vintage crystal



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This unique fully adjustable c vintagehoker or nec vintageklac vintagee from my new "Resurrec vintagetion" c vintageollec vintagetion was inspired by my obsession with the jewelry of anc vintageient times to the 1800s, and my passion for upc vintageyc vintageling vintage piec vintagees to c vintagereate uniquely beautiful new items--thus preserving them and the environment."Crystal Wrists" was handc vintagerafted from hand-linked gorgeous and light vintage c vintagehandelier c vintagerystal stations and drops, and ties with generous lengths of blac vintagek c vintageotton velvet ribbon Adjusts from 12" to 40", fitting a wide range of nec vintagek sizes! Please note that as with all upc vintageyc vintageled piec vintagees, some c vintageomponents may show slight wear, whic vintageh I believe adds to the vintage appeal. If this is an issue, please do not purc vintagehase! Metal c vintageontent for most c vintageomponents is unknown, so please be aware of this if you have known metal allergies.This piec vintagee is part of my NEW "Resurrec vintagetion" line. Please see the shop for other c vintageollec vintagetions--"Noc vintageturne", for those who apprec vintageiate a more modern dark aesthetic vintage, the anc vintageient inspired "Grave Goods", and "Modern Primitive", tribal-inspired jewelry.About me: Fasc vintageinated by the c vintageraftsmanship and aesthetic vintage of the anc vintageient world, I primarily identify as a sc vintageulptor, but also work in pastel, Conte' and c vintageolored penc vintageil, and have been making jewelry for over 30 years. Please visit see the rest of my offerings for more "earthly delights"!

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