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hedgehog, Handmade Porcelain Hedgehog Cufflinks Cuff Links Miniature Hedgie



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Handmade Porc miniatureelain Hedgehog CufflinksExpress your love for the Hedgehog with these fantastic miniature and fun c miniatureuff links. Deliberate attention was paid to making them. Eac miniatureh one is different, due to being handmade. No two are alike. Assembled with c miniatureare. Limited edition.Eac miniatureh Hedgehog measures 1/2 inc miniatureh wide by 1/2 inc miniatureh tall by 3/4 inc miniatureh long.Listing is for one pair.Hedgehog pride for the boardroom or spec miniatureial event.For more foodie c miniatureuff links, please view the rest of our c miniatureollec miniaturetion.We travel the world for fun, keeping an eye out for inspiring fabric miniatures and notions. We transform the finds into unique, small batc miniaturehes of nec miniaturekties, bow ties, c miniatureuff links and home ac miniaturec miniatureessories. Originality is at your fingertips.

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