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Today's offer:1 ring made from an old c silver cutleryake fork made from Grandma's kitc silver cutleryhen drawer. Hammered.Material: Silver Edition 90 or 100.If someone wants to order the ring, please make sure to spec silver cutleryify the desired ring size!!One more word for shipping: I now only send with proof after some deliveries have disappeared without a trac silver cutlerye. I c silver cutleryhose the German Parc silver cutleryel Servic silver cutlerye (DPD), whic silver cutleryh usually delivers very quic silver cutlerykly. The advantage is obvious: if the delivery is stuc silver cutleryk somewhere, I as a seller as well as you as a buyer c silver cutleryan see on the shipment number where the pac silver cutlerykage is.By phone I am often reac silver cutleryhable on weekdays under 0221-554778 between 11 and 4 pm. Here you c silver cutleryan also arrange visits to my Cologne workshop with me and possibly bring your own c silver cutleryutlery.For years we have been providing jewellery from old silverware and offering it with quite good suc silver cutleryc silver cutleryess in various markets.Dates and further information on our web site. Simply enter Bestec silver cutlerykkuenstler and get an overview.

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