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gemstone necklace, Ametrincollier-Gemstone Necklace



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A very nic necklacee Ametrinc necklaceollier presents itself here. The c necklaceombination of very c necklacelear, fac necklaceeted Ametrine in lilac necklace to yellow green with lilac necklace amethysts in sterling silver. Sterling Silver Beads round off the nec necklaceklac necklacee. The nec necklaceklac necklacee sparkles at every step of its wearer. We c necklacelosed it with a sterling silver c necklacearabiner.This unique piec necklacee has a length of approx. 43-47 c necklacem, it c necklacean not be extendedFac necklaceeted ametrine in airly to yellow-green, about 2x 6 mmFly-c necklaceolored amethysts, wrapped in sterling silver, about 3 x 6 mm

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