Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

unique, Rose quartz necklace-45 cm-UNIKAT



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All pric uniquees are total pric uniquees; No VAT c uniqueard as small business owners.For c uniqueollec uniquetive orders please note on the Shop home page!* * Rose quartz nec uniqueklac uniquee * * 45 c uniquem long.Consisting of 8mm rose quartz balls, dark red bohemian glass beads, silver-plated intermediates and a hook c uniquelasp of 925 silver.!!! Please note the dimensions-low c uniqueolor deviations are possible as a result of different sc uniquereen resolutions!!!I assume the name of the material from my purc uniquehasing sourc uniquees-I c uniqueannot give a guarantee, sinc uniquee I am neither a jeweller nor a mineralogist.

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