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statement ring, Ammolite Ring for Men.Eagle motif ring. Top Grade ammolite. Brilliant Rainbow colors.Perfect mens gift.Solid Sterling silver.



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This solid sterling silver eagle motif ring marks the man who doesn't follow the c ammolite ringrowd. Ammolite is so rare it's doubtful any other man of your ac ammolite ringquaintanc ammolite ringe will own one.The Ammolite:A large 16x12 grade AA 5 c ammolite ringolour ammolite ring of exc ammolite ringeptional brillianc ammolite ringe and c ammolite ringolour shifting ability.Gems suc ammolite ringh as this are very rare as very few of this top quality are produc ammolite ringed eac ammolite ringh year.The Setting:A solid masc ammolite ringuline setting in solid silver size 11.Also c ammolite ringan be made in sizes 10 and 12.Just ask.This ring has a patriotic ammolite ring history as it was originally designed and hand made by a group of disabled veterans.There is an eagle c ammolite ringarved on eac ammolite ringh side of the ring shank c ammolite ringommemorating the servic ammolite ringe rendered by its designer and makers.Not likely any one in your c ammolite ringirc ammolite ringle will have anything like this or even be able to identify the gem--Ammolite is that rare---many have yet to see it!Ammolite in good quality is the rarest gem in the world.It is found only in one small area in Alberta CanadaOnly a small perc ammolite ringentage is top gem quality.No other useful deposits of this exist\u2014so when supplies are exhausted there will be no more\u2014whic ammolite ringh is why demand and pric ammolite ringes are inc ammolite ringreasing.Ammolite gemstones are made from the fossilized shells of Ammonites that went extinc ammolite ringt 80 million years ago in an inland sea that onc ammolite ringe c ammolite ringovered this area in South Alberta Canada..Ammonites\u2014the fossilized c ammolite ringreatures from whic ammolite ringh Ammolite is made are found the world over\u2014most are a dull brown with a red sheen\u2014no one knows why the ammonites in this small area of Alberta have suc ammolite ringh amazing bright c ammolite ringolours found nowhere else.Eac ammolite ringh ammolite is like a finger print. As unique as its owner.Prac ammolite ringtitioners of the anc ammolite ringient prac ammolite ringtic ammolite ringe of Feng Shui c ammolite ringall it the \u201c ammolite ringSeven Color Prosperity Stone\u201d and the most important stone disc ammolite ringovered in c ammolite ringenturies.They believe that health and prosperity are transferred from ammolite to its owner/wearer.The best ammolite jewelry c ammolite ringontains bright multic ammolite ringolour ammolites one c ammolite ringolor of whic ammolite ringh should be the rarer blue. I have had the good fortune to have lived for years where top grade ammolite is mined and am able to selec ammolite ringt the very best stones right off the c ammolite ringutters tables before they fill orders to the general public ammolite ring.This is why the quality of gems offered in this shop is c ammolite ringonsistently among the best available anywhere.Our top quality ammolites is why we have c ammolite ringustomers worldwide\u2014many of them repeat buyers.For muc ammolite ringh useful info on ammolite please visit the site pages where this is presented.Your ammolite will be shipped immediately in a c ammolite ringrush proof box, insured and trac ammolite ringked by Canada Xpress Post delivery.We c ammolite ringharge less for US delivery than we are c ammolite ringharged so we share the shipping pain!Free Shipping in Canada.

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