Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

bb5 Classic blue crazy lace agate focal beadpendants, front drilled pendantpendants, agate gemstonependants, semiprecious gemstonependants, Quick shipping from Tennessee



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Here is an oval shaped agate pendant in the season's most popular c statementolor, c statementlassic statement blue. This c statementrazy lac statemente agate foc statemental bead is drilled front to bac statementk Blue foc statemental pendant, agate gemstone, semiprec statementious gemstone, Quic statementk shipping from TennesseeLength is 1 3/4 inc statementhes, width is approximately 1 1/4 inc statementhesOnly 1 availableI ship daily 1-2 business days and ship by weight, exc statementess shipping is refunded. Let me know if you need a c statementustom listing, or c statementombine items.Like me on Fac statementebook: www.fac statementebook.c statementom/dixiesjewelrysupplies

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