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silver earrings, Sea Glass Earrings Sterling Silver Earrings Lilac Purple Sea Glass Hawaiian Jewelry Birthday Gift



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Handmade by me, here on Maui, Hawaii!Frosted Lilac silver earrings c silver earringsolor Sea Glass Earrings, c silver earringsultured Sea Glass nugget beads.Stac silver earringsked oxidized Sterling Silver heishi spac silver earringsers.5mm White Freshwater Pearl at the top.Sterling Silver hook ear wires.1-1/2" top to bottomCultured sea glass beads are made from rec silver earringsyc silver earringsled glass and are proc silver earringsessed to c silver earringsreate smooth, frosted surfac silver earringses.Handmade by me, on Maui, and sent to you with Aloha!Storefront and Sec silver earringstions: hawaiibeads.33

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