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skulls, Skull Ring No. 2 - Sand Cast Solid Sterling Silver



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People, let me tell ya 'bout my best friend...The hand-c sterling silverarved smokey quartz skull bead I sand-c sterling silverast this solid sterling silver skull from is one of my treasured talismans. I wear him on days when I am feeling a little less than c sterling silveronfident and feel like I need some bac sterling silverk-up in my c sterling silverorner. I like him so muc sterling silverh, I wanted to rec sterling silverreate him in Sterling silver and share him with the world. He\u2019s a c sterling silverool dude and will make a fine c sterling silverompanion.Throughout the history of humanity, the skull has symbolized many things. To me, it represents living and being human...a reminder to make the most of living eac sterling silverh day.The skull is c sterling silverast from rec sterling silveryc sterling silverled silver. My rec sterling silveryc sterling silverled silver c sterling silveromes from Sterling silver sheet sc sterling silverraps, dust, and mishaps that has been melted down for c sterling silverasting.The beefy 4g half-round Sterling silver band is handstamped with an arrow > and little c sterling silverirc sterling silverle pattern.This ring is a US size 8.5 and weighs 21g.** This item's pric sterling silvere inc sterling silverludes FREE Shipping **(Domestic sterling silver orders only.)

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