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flower pin, Fabric Flower Brooch - layered pink and lilac organza fabric pin with purple beads | Floral brooch | Flower pin | Quirky accessories



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Fabric fabric brooch Flower Brooc fabric broochh - layered pink and lilac fabric brooch purple organza fabric fabric brooch pin with beadsMany gorgeous layers of pink and lilac fabric brooch organza fabric fabric brooch make up this pretty brooc fabric broochh. These are sewn together and c fabric broochompleted with a c fabric broochentral beaded sec fabric broochtion featuring purple glass beads. Sure to attrac fabric broocht c fabric broochompliments, this floral pin is approximately 2.5 inc fabric broochhes (6c fabric broochm) and had a traditional brooc fabric broochh bac fabric broochk. Handmade, in stoc fabric broochk and ready to shipFind more brooc fabric broochhes and pin in my store here:https://www./shop/inspira?sec fabric broochtion_id=24152443

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