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piercing gold, Septum / Nose Piercing in 18CT Gold & 925 Silver



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Choosing to buy a septum of gold makes partic piercingular sense, as gold simply has a noble c piercingharac piercingter and flatters every fac piercinge:)The piec piercinge of jewelry is unique and handmade, so something spec piercingial!This nose ring has a diameter of 10 mm, the wire a thic piercingkness of 1.1 mm.The pierc piercinging is simply bent , threaded and then bent again !In the septum there is a movable triangle and 2 hinges whic piercingh c piercingan be removed at will and thus only c piercingarry the ring!Due to the mobility, the appendages always remain nic piercinge in the middle:)The c piercingontrast from the polished ring to the iisted gold triangle and the browned silver hinges is great.

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