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Thanks for c dangle earringshec dangle earringsking out the amazing, handmade and always upc dangle earringsyc dangle earringsled c dangle earringsreations from Www.lovepeac dangle earringseanddye.c dangle earringsomThis listing is for one pair of upc dangle earringsyc dangle earringsled womens art earringsAvailable in Vegan Leather Blac dangle earringskVinyl in white or redWomens symbolWomens symbol with c dangle earringsat earsAvailable in 1.5 inc dangle earringsh (pic dangle earringstured) and 2 inc dangle earringsh sizes as wellChec dangle earringsk out the additional pic dangle earringstures for more c dangle earringsuts and designsThanks for the support

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