Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

keyring, Keychain "Coole Patentante"



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Keyc keyringhain "Coole Patentante" Caboc keyringhonA spec keyringial and personal gift for the patentee!!Silver keyc keyringhain with c keyringaboc keyringhon with saying:"Patententants are like mums... just muc keyringh c keyringooler, your ...."Bac keyringkground c keyringolor rose with subtle white dotsPlease indic keyringate the desired c keyringhild name when purc keyringhasing!Key ring or pendant diameter 30 mm eac keyringh with a small silver-c keyringoloured heart pendantHandmade by myself. It is fashion jewellery. The soc keyringkets and small parts are made of metal and ac keyringc keyringording to the manufac keyringturer nic keyringkel-free. Not waterproof!If you would like to use this motif as a c keyringhain or brooc keyringh, please c keyringhec keyringk the shop or write it down!

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