Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Rustic Silver And Gemstone Pendantcabochon necklace, Crazy Lace Agate Stone and Sterling Silvercabochon necklace, Western Wearcabochon necklace, Western Fashion For Women



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A one of a kind handmade sterling silver pendant made with an elegant hand c western necklaceut and polished Crazy Lac western necklacee Agate stone. Set in a fine silver bezel on a hand textured sterling silver bac western necklacek plate.All my c western necklaceaboc western necklacehons are c western necklaceut and polish from rough roc western necklacek. Then set in hand fabric western necklaceated silver bezels and bac western necklacekplates. Jewelry, stone c western necklaceaboc western necklacehons, and beads are handc western necklacerafted with c western necklaceare in my studio. Lifetime guarantee on workmanship. Stone: Length:1" Width: 1/2"--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------See More Items Here: https://www./shop/StudioBeharaFollow me on: Fac western necklaceebook: www.fac western necklaceebook.c western necklaceom/studioBehara

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