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for women, Bangle Bracelets for Women Jelly - Gold Bracelet Sets - Plastic Rubber Elastic Bangles - 80s Jewelry 15 per Set



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These brac bangle braceletselets should definitely be apart of your jewelry wardrobe!The purc bangle braceletshase of this listing inc bangle braceletsludes: fifteen (15) rubber stac bangle braceletsking brac bangle braceletselets with the following spec bangle braceletsific bangle braceletsations: Diameter: 7.75 inc bangle braceletshes (size c bangle braceletsustomizable)Bangle: 53mm gold-plated or silver-plated tube Rubber Cord: 2mm Care Tips: Please avoid c bangle braceletsontac bangle braceletst with water/exc bangle braceletsess moisture. Not intended for small c bangle braceletshildren. Store in box when not wearing.If you would like to c bangle braceletsontinue to shop for more bohemian jewelry, stac bangle braceletsking bangles or unique gifts for any oc bangle braceletsc bangle braceletsasion you may return to the berylbushblonde shop home by c bangle braceletslic bangle braceletsking the following link:https://www./shop/berylblushblonde

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