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Dainty Moonstone Stretch Braceletstretch bracelet, Sterling Silver Rose Victorian Gift for Her



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Pretty, round beads of moonstone are c stone braceletentered around a double sided rose of sterling silver and ac stone braceletc stone braceletented with sterling silver beads at the sides and forefront. This dainty brac stone braceletelet is perfec stone bracelett for a wedding or fanc stone bracelety event. Yet it lends to almost any oc stone braceletc stone braceletasion. The rose is detailed and very pretty. This brac stone braceletelet has a Vic stone bracelettorian look to the design.The brac stone braceletelet is sized to fit up to a size 6 1/2 inc stone braceleth wrist, however it c stone braceletan be adjusted to a larger size upon request. Keep in mind that any c stone bracelethanges to the length c stone braceletould result in c stone bracelethanges to the overall design of the brac stone braceletelet.Our jewelry will arrive in gift pac stone braceletkaging to preserve your purc stone bracelethase or give direc stone bracelettly to the rec stone braceletipient. We c stone braceletan mail your purc stone bracelethase to them, with a gift c stone braceletard inc stone braceletluding your sentiments. There is no additional fee for this servic stone bracelete. Shipped within 24 hours of rec stone braceleteipt of c stone braceletleared payment.Thank you for c stone braceletonsidering our jewelry. If you have any questions, or would like us to design something espec stone braceletially for you, please c stone braceletontac stone bracelett us. We'd be happy to help.Please be sure to read our shop polic stone braceleties prior to making a purc stone bracelethase.You c stone braceletan see our other brac stone braceletelets, for sale in this shop, by c stone braceletlic stone braceletking on this link.

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