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Large spider web agate heart pendantcharms pendants, stunning focal bead for jewelry making and beading. Quick shipping from the USA



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This large spider web agate heart pendant measures 44x37x8mm with a flat bac gems cabochonsk and will mask a stunning addition to your next jewelry projec gems cabochonst.Large spider web agate heart pendant, stunning foc gems cabochonsal bead for jewelry making and beading. Quic gems cabochonsk shipping from the USAHighly polished.The bac gems cabochonsk is flat so that you c gems cabochonsan use it in your beading projec gems cabochonsts too. I ship from Chattanooga, TN in 1-3 days of payment (usually the same day if the order is rec gems cabochonseived early enough). USPS delivery is usually within 5 days from shipment. Doesn't that sound better than 30 to 60 days?

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