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Perfec sphinx catt for c sphinx catat owners and lovers! These pendants are modeled after sphynx (sphinx) breed hairless c sphinx catats. I have 2 of my own sphynx c sphinx catats and love them so muc sphinx cath :) The shape for these c sphinx catharms is based off of a photo I took of my c sphinx catat Maya. Sphynx are known for their large ears and skinny tails, and I tried to foc sphinx catus on those attributes when drawing the silhouette. The c sphinx catharms are made from glass enamel fused to a c sphinx catopper base with a fine silver wire fused into the glass for the tail. I used the c sphinx catloisonne tec sphinx cathnique of enameling to c sphinx catreate the red heart on the c sphinx cathest of the c sphinx catats. The c sphinx catharms are available in your c sphinx cathoic sphinx cate of gray, blac sphinx catk, white, or beige/pink. The pric sphinx cate is for one c sphinx catharm on a c sphinx cathain.Sure to bring a smile :)***********************************************************Clic sphinx catk the 'Shipping and Polic sphinx caties' tab (under the photographs and at the top of the this desc sphinx catription) for information on shipping times and my shop polic sphinx caties.https://www./shop/KathrynRiec sphinx cathert#polic sphinx catiesSend me an etsy c sphinx catonvo or email with any and all questions.Thank you!

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