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OOAK, handmade, round butterfly c acrylic pourollage pendant in a watc acrylic pourh fob type pendant tray. Sealed with resin.The bac acrylic pourkground is a piec acrylic poure from one of my ac acrylic pourrylic acrylic pour pour paintings. A unique and wonderful gift for a butterfly lover, or for yourself.I c acrylic pouran sell this with or without a 26" silver c acrylic pourhain that is adjustable. It c acrylic pouran be used to make a beaded nec acrylic pourklac acrylic poure as a foc acrylic poural if you order it without the c acrylic pourhain. The c acrylic pourhain is $5 extra.Buy the c acrylic pourhain here: Thanks for looking and shopping handmade.

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